Princeton Theological SeminarySandy attended the Conference on Emerging Adulthood at Princeton Theological Seminary this past weekend. At the time of this writing (Monday morning) she is still trying to get back home, thanks to mechanical troubles with her plane. I met her up there, and while she was conferencing, I enjoyed Princeton’s considerable beauty, history, and library treasures. Princeton’s campus is a thing of beauty, especially if you love big old fancy buildings. There was also a great bookstore, called Labyrinth Books, on the main drag near the University, Nassau Street.

The most exciting event for me, though, was going to the Henry Luce III Library and spending some quality time with a first edition (1536) Christianae Religionis Institutio (Institutes of the Christian Religion) by John Calvin. DSC_0050

I was allowed to spend all the time I wanted with this treasure of the Reformation. I leafed through the pages, read significant passages, wrote my name in the margin…ok, I didn’t do that last thing, but I did take lots of pictures. Here’s a shot that highlights Calvin’s thoughts on Christian liberty:


“Thus we ought to temper the use of our freedom to allow for the ignorance of our weak brothers, but for the rigor of the Pharisees, never!”

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